Hello! I'm a web developer from Budapest...

Main Trends

The main areas of work without exhaustive.
Frontend and Backend

In my work I mainly programming in PHP, which must be kept in mind the optimal coding, the design patterns and agility.

User Experience

I think the handling is based on good design. Good design is up to the little things, so pay attention to every little bite to the overall experience to be the best possible.

Reusability and Extensibility

Good code is easily expandable and avoid repetition, but not overly complicated.

About Me

a brief, but concise
I'm looking for challenges at work and in life

I started programming as a freelancer, even during the middle school years. Then at the end of the college years I joined a company where internal systems have been developed.

After a few years I got a big company where I was one of Hungary's largest weather portal developer.

In my free time playing football with colleagues and traveling or hiking with my wife.

  • PHP, Python, C#

    with extensions and many frameworks


    and many library

  • Others

    Git, SVN, MVC, DAO, Scrum, Kanban, Windows, Linux, Apache, Nginx, etc.

CV and Socials

Facebook, LinkedIn and etc.
Curriculum Vitae
Virág Zoltán
my hobby blog

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